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Construction of websites or reconstruction of existing ones
Cosmos-Online web site
The website for a modern business is now out of the question. You need a website with few pages or many, with or without database support, with an interface with your back-end IT system to transfer data from and to it?
Whatever your needs, we can undertake its construction and timely delivery. Our over 25 years of experience in a variety of complicated projects is a guarantee for its excellent implementation. Please contact us, tell us your needs and we will suggest solutions. You will be surprised at the possibilities offered by technology today.
Intranets construction
Cosmos-Online intranets development
Do you need software applications for the internal management of your business? These can very well be implemented using web technologies, but always being accesible only within your business, ie in perfectly secure conditions. This simplifies their construction and maintenance, and is generally of lower cost.
Please note that the above applies even to the case that your business includes places with geographical dispersion, eg other production units or branches in the country or even abroad. And in this case our applications using VPN (Virtual Private Network) can fully meet your needs by enabling your associates (eg mobile sales, branches, etc.) to use our applications from wherever they are, and with the same ease as if they are at your company's headquarters.
Extranets construction
Cosmos-Online extranets development
As long as you need to build a particular site (often as an extension of the existing one) to which only persons authorised by you will have access eg only your customers for detailed information about your products, wholesale prices, even submitting orders, we can do it by meeting your business needs.
By building an extranet you save time, telecom costs, and provide to your customers online updates and ordering capabilities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Construction of any kind of web applications
Cosmos-Online bulk email and sms messages
In addition to the above, we can build any kind of software you need, of any complexity, fully meeting your needs. Tell us your business goals, and let us suggest you the best technological solutions that will make them come true. For example:
Bulk email applications
While you would like to take advantage of the enormous potential (and zero cost) of email sales promotion, we could build for you a bulk e-mail platform.
Bulk SMS platform
If you would like to take advantage of mobile phone capabilities for bulk or one by one SMS deliveries, we could build for you a bulk SMS messaging platform.
Maintenance of our projects
Cosmos-Online project maintenance
For any project that we implement, we can undertake its maintenance to ensure its excellent operation while our customers can focus on their bussiness without having to solve technical problems employing IT experts, and loosing time from their business objectives.
With our alert systems warning us for any kind of problem we can intervene and correct it even before our customers realize it.
Web hosting
Cosmos-Online web hosting
For each project we implement while you would like to host it in your own infrastructure within your company, we can help you by installing whatever server or software you need for that.
But if you would prefer to avoid the costs of purchasing your own equipment for hardware, software and networking, we could host the project on our own infrastructure. We have been working for 23 years with US and Canadian web hosting companies and today we have a great in-depth experience on the related services.
Our associates having infrastructures in the United States and Great Britain have a global reputation for their very high quality of services, are giant in the web hosting industry, have large infrastructure, monitoring staff of good functioning throughout 24 hours a day, and readiness to respond to whatever is needed.