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About us

Cosmos Online Ltd works in the development of software and in general the provision of services in the Internet and mobile telephony sector. It was founded by the physicist and computer programmer Anastasios Chatzikrystallis, who has a long experience since the very early stages of the IT market.

Ο προγραμματισμός είναι σαν ποίηση

Since 1991 we have been building businesses software for PCs and local area networks (LANs). Since 1995, being among the very first Internet users in the country, and foreseeing the potential of the global network, we have focused exclusively on related technologies and especially on programming in the new environment. The verification of our forecast makes us today one of the oldest and most experienced web developers.

All these 23 years we have developed internet software:

Professional achievements

Important points of Cosmos Online projects were:

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Educational work
Cosmos-Online - Εκπαίδευση στους υπολογιστές

Since the early 90s we have been involved in training as trainerss in a great number of vocational training seminars.

For many years we had cooperation as trainers with the Hellenic Center for Productivity (ELKEPA) and the public Vocational Traing Institute (IEK) of Volos, while we occasionally collaborated with the National Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises (EOMMEX), the Technical Chamber, and many other professional training organizations.

We taught some thousand hours in many dozens of seminars where we trained hundreds of public and private sector executives, such as emploees of local authorities, justice, tax authorities, telecom organization and also police officers, customs officers, bank executives, customs agents, and unemployed young people and scientists.

The subjects we taught were programming with Clipper (mainly in IEK schools for programmers), database design and administration, operating systems (MS-DOS, Windows, Novell), use and programming on Lotus 123 and Excel), word proccessing (Ami-Pro, MS-Word), etc.

Authoring work
Cosmos-Online book authoring Lotus 123

As part of a seminar we wrote a book "LOTUS 123" which starts from the basics of spreadsheets, until advanced programming with macro commands. We also wrote many small books about all the subjects we taught.

Within our cooperation with vocational training institutes we built software for seminars management as well as for computer-based training (CBT).

Conferences Announcements

Kotzamanis V. - Stathakis D. - Chatzikryristis A. - Agorastakis M. "Demographic Geo-Base of Modern Greece" 10th Hellenic Cartography Conference, Ioannina 2008.

Participation in conferences and publicity of projects