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About us
About us

Ανατάσιος Ν. Χατζηκρυστάλλης Cosmos Online Ltd is a one-person company of the computer programmer Anastassios Hatzikryristalis, which is active in the development of software and in general providing Internet and mobile telephony services.

The very first contact of Mr. Chatzikrystallis with programming is back in 1978 when as student of Physics he developed his first FORTRAN program for a UNIVAC university computer. He then went to his "programming teenage" programming with the first versions of Basic on Apple IIe, and later on Amstrands.

Since 1991 he has been professionally involved in programming and software production. By 1995, he had been building software for PCs and local area networks (LANs), producing a variety of programs for commercial companies, international transport companies, technical offices, doctor offices, and more specialized software such as seminars management, computer based training programs, statistical analysis of social and political polls data, etc.

Cosmos-Online ORACLE university training

In 1995 he was one of the first Internet users in Greece. Understanding the possibilities of the Internet and seeing its future development, he has been focused exclusively on related technologies, and especially on programming in the new environment. The verification of his prediction makes him today one of the oldest and most experienced internet developers in Greece.

During the period 1995 to 2000 he was active in the region of Thessaly, building a multitude of websites, and also more complex and innovative web applications, working with the most important state institutions, companies, and unions in the region, such as the Prefecture of Magnisia, the University of Thessaly, the Port of Volos, Technical Chamber of Commerce of Magnesia, the Vocational Training Center of the Prefecture of Magnesia, Materials Industrial Research and Technology Development Centre (MIRTEC) etc.

After a 3 year work at the University of Thessaly as internet developer, at the end of 2000 he worked in Athens at first for a software company, and then for a large telecom group as Internet project manager. His task was to support the Group on Internet technologies because the Group had vast experience and infrastructure, but exclusively in mobile and fixed telephony technologies. The main objective was the creation of new innovative services and solutions combining fixed, mobile and internet technologies, the building of interfaces through Internet for the interconnection of the Group with mobile telephony providers, and the resellers of services abroad, for data transfer.

From 2003 to 2012, based in Athens, and then in Volos, he continues to implement projects for the Internet, having permanent cooperation with Greek based multinational Group of companies and academic institutions.

Professional achievements

¨ Important points to Mr. Hatzikryristallis' professional career were:

  • For the very first time in Greece, real-time broadcasting to the internet of the results of parliamentary elections (1996) and local elections (1998). The projects were implemented using two different infrastructures, methodologies and tools, with the 2nd using infrastructure in Volos, Florida and New York (USA).
  • The implementation of an extranet for a big multinational petroleum company.
  • Participation in the ARIADNE e-Government project design team (5-10 million euro). The ARIADNE project was the implementation of the Citizens Service Centers (KEP), was awarded the 2007 Good Practice Award and was in the finals as a candidate for the European e-Government Award 2007.
  • The very first time in Greece to build and present messages on MMS technology for mobile telephony, a presentation made through simulators in the Info-Com 2002 Conference, since their development took place long before mobile providers created the necessary infrastructure for their transmission.
  • The implementation of the e-Demography project for the Laboratory of Demographic and Social Analysis of the Department of Planning, and Regional Development of the University of Thessaly. The core of the project was the design of a large database, the collection, digitization, organization, data entry and presentation on the internet of all the demographic data of Greece since 1940 until today. The presentation was in the form of numerical tables, graphs and demographic maps. It was the very first time that a demographic project of such scale was implemented in Greece, and the developed portal is currently the largest at Balkan level.
  • The development of software for the on-line connection of the University of Thessaly with the computer systems of a large commercial bank for the bulk transfer of critical financial data.
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Educational work

From the beginning of the 90's Mr. Chatzikryristis also acted as a trainer in a variety of vocational training seminars.

Cosmos-Online computer training

For many years he has been a freelancer trainer of the Greek Center for Productivity (EL.KE.PA), the public Vocational Center of Volos, and the Prefecture of Magnesia. He collaborated with Development Company of Karditsa SA, the Vocational Training Center of the Prefecture of Magnesia, the National Organization of Small and Medium Enterprises (EOMMEX), the Technical Chamber of Greece and the "Argonauts" Vocational Training Center.

His total training experience is about 5,000 hours. He taught in many dozens of seminars and trained many hundreds of public and private sector executives in Magnesia, including prefectural, judicial, tax officials, police officers, Telecom organization employees, customs, bank executives, but also various professionals, and unemployed young scientists.

The subjects he taught were Clipper programming language, database design and management, operating systems, spreadsheets use and macros programming, word proccessing, introduction to computer use etc.

Authoring work

Cosmos-Online book authoring Lotus 123

In the context of his above-mentioned educational work, he wrote many notes on all the above items.

He is also the author of a book being titled "LOTUS 123" ANKA publications which is about the basics of spreadsheets until advanced programming themes with macro commands.

As mentioned above, in the context of his cooperations with Vocational Training Organizations, he developed software for seminars management, as well as computer-based examinations (CBT software).

Conferences Announcements

Kotzamanis V. - Stathakis D. - Chatzikryristis A. - Agorastakis M. "Demographic Geo-Base of Modern Greece" 10th Hellenic Cartography Conference, Ioannina 2008.

Participation in conferences and publicity of projects

  • Science and Technology Festival, Athens - Zappeion, 2008
    The University of Thessaly presented the e-Demography project, which Mr. Hadjikryristis had developed for the Laboratory of Demographic and Social Research at the University.
  • Scientific journal of the Hellenic Society of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), 2008
    The journal presented the e-Demography project with an emphasis on cartographic data.
  • 73rd Thessaloniki International Fair, 2008
    The University of Thessaly presented the e-Demography project.
  • 4th Info-Com Conference, Athens, 2002
    The Newsphone Group presented for the very first time in Greece MMS messages for mobile telephony, which were built by Mr. Chatzikryristis. The presentation was done through simulators because mobile operators did not yet have the necessary infrastructure for their real transmission.
  • Marketing Week - National Bank Educational Center, Athens 2001
    Speaker in a workshop on "Current and future technologies for one to one marketing".
  • Conference "Small and Medium Enterprises - Proposals - Solutions", Volos 1997
    The conference was organized by KEKANAM SA and there the IT part of the ADAPT project was presented. which project was implemented by Mr. Hatzikrystalis.
  • 1st Educational Conference of Career Consultants of Greek Universities (Porto Carras 1998)
    Presentation of the projects that Mr. Hadjikrystallis had implemented for the University of Thessaly with databases for scholarships and postgraduate programs of Greek universities.