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We build software for the Internet since 1995!
First in Greece we implemented real time transmission on the Internet of elections result in 1996!
First in Greece we built MMS messages for mobile telephony 2002
We built the largest Demographic portal in Balkans
We've sent hundreds of thousands of emails with software we've built for our customers
We built Intranet applications for the largest Balkan Glass Industry Group
It is our passion, challenge and happiness to serve people through technology
With 30 years of technological experience, yet passion as if we have just begun, we keep coding...
Our Top Projects
Application based on 'Internet of Things' technology tracking and recording the movement of small traditional livestock flocks on natural pastures.
Application connecting the Research Committee of the University of Thessaly with ALPHA Bank for automatic bulk payment orders delivery
Construction of the largest demographic portal in Balkans including the demographic data of Greece from 1940 until today
The very first time in Greece of broadcasting to the Internet real-time election results of parliamentary elections (1996) and local (1998).